From Frisian wind turbine into Rotterdam city furniture

Always dreamed of sitting on a wind turbine? This is now possible at Willemsplein near the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. An architect designed a street bench, using nine wind turbine blades from the storage of the Frisian company Hoekstra Suwâld, sister company of The Sun & Wind Factory. Visitors can sit on the “blade furniture” and enjoy the beautiful view of the famous Erasmus bridge and the river Maas.

Three wind turbines

The nine blades are from three wind turbines which were bought by Hoekstra Suwâld in 2002. “Wind Turbines are refurbished and parts replaced during the lifetime of a wind turbine. In contrast to the energy a wind turbine generates, not everything of a wind turbine is renewable” says Piet Gosse Hoekstra, director of Hoekstra Suwâld. “Most wind turbine blades are made of a composite of polyester and polyurethane, a combination that is hard to recycle after use.” Three wind turbines were completely reused, except for the blades who were waiting for their last trip to the recycling depot.  "We are very pleased that the blades have a new destination and all parts of the wind turbines are recycled."

Nine wind turbine blades turned into street furniture

To transform the nine blades into furniture, concrete blocks of approximately 1m3 were made to hold the blades in place. Five blades are used as a seat and three as backrest and one as marking sign. All blades are painted red signal to give the gray surrounding a little more color. By the determining the position of the blades properly an ergonomic position is obtained with much variety in the seats of chairs to lounge.