14,7 kWp Dairy farm - The Netherlands

The Sun Factory has installed 70 solar panels at the barn of family Marinus in The Netherlands. The solar panels have a peak capacity of 14.7 kWp. With an average of 850 hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, the system generates approximately 12,500 kWh.

Construction corrugated roof

By placing white anchor aluminum profiles on the substructure, leakage is excluded and mechanical pressure on the modules is minimized.

Inverters and cabling

Besides the 70 solar panels, The Sun Factory has placed a Mastervolt inverter outside the barn in a shielded construction. This inverter is equipped with all securities that are applicable to solar energy installations. The cabling are placed in a cable duct and the meter board has been supplemented with an extra group box.

System Sloped roof, grid-connected
Capacity 14,7 kWp
Application Roof of barn
Year of construction 2011
Client Marinus Twijzel
Country / Region The Netherlands / Twijzel, Friesland