Batteries & Chargers

Product information on batteries and chargers.

Storage of energy is the most crucial and expensive component of autonomous systems. Creating the right balance between energy production (by wind or solar), storage in batteries and output of energy is within our expertise. Depending on the system design and local circumstances, different types of batteries can be installed. Within our assortment we offer 4 types of batteries: ACID, AGM, Gel and Lithium Ion. Voltage levels vary from 2 V until 24 V and capacities of 25 Ah until 4000 Ah.

Solar charge controllers
Solar charge controllers regulate the charging voltage and phases from the solar panels towards the batteries in order to assure a long battery life, optimize efficiency and prevent overload. Charge controllers are in the range of 12, 20 and 48 V output and 10 A until 60 A capacity.

Inverter / charger combinations
Inverter – charger combinations are designated for systems working with batteries as well as an AC charging current from a diesel generator or central grid. An advanced battery charger and silent inverter are combined into one compact device. Capacities are ranging from 1200 W until 5 kW on 12, 24 or 48V for the Mastervolt Combi’s and 5 until 300 kW on 48V for the SMA Sunny Island systems.