Lithium Ion Mastervolt

Used primarily in smaller devices such as mobile phones and laptops, Li-Ion (Lithium ion) batteries are appreciated for their limited size and weight, low rate of self-discharge and lack of ‘memory effect’. We asked ourselves whether this technology could be put to more robust use? How about on a large, seagoing yacht, an advanced sailboat or a van with sensitive equipment onboard? After some extensive R&D, the answer was a resounding yes.
Mastervolt has now developed the first-ever high-capacity Li-Ion battery which can easily and safely be deployed in such demanding environments. This advance is sure to revolutionise the way yacht owners, yards and contractors see things in terms of batteries.

Two elements determine the amount of useful power that a battery can deliver: The charge/discharge efficiency and the extent of the authorised depth of discharge (DOD), a factor that can dramatically lower the lifespan of a battery. The Mastervolt Li-Ion battery is up to 15% more efficient than a traditional lead-acid battery.


Article no. Series Nominal
66010320 MLI 12/320 13.25 V 320 Ah 320 Ah - 55 kg
66020160 MLI 24/160 26.5 V 160 Ah 160 Ah - 55 kg


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