Product information on inverters.

Solar inverters – grid connected
Solar inverters (or string inverters) connect the solar panels directly with the grid. Several solar panels can be connected in serie to achieve a higher DC (direct current) voltage input for the inverter. The inverter converts the DC current into AC 50 Hz current of the grid. We are major distributer of Mastervolt solar inverters ranging from 600 W until 20 kW.

Sine wave inverters – off grid
Sine wave inverters convert DC power out of batteries to a real sine 230 V AC current in order to use major applications. The Mastervolt Sine inverters have been designed for heavy use and professional environments achieving exceptional efficiency. The AC Master and Mass Sine Wave inverters ranging from 300 W until 5kW.

Inverter / charger combinations
Inverter – charger combinations are designated for systems working with batteries as well as an AC charging current from a diesel generator or central grid. An advanced battery charger and silent inverter are combined into one compact device. Capacities are ranging from 1200 W until 5 kW on 12, 24 or 48V for the Mastervolt Combi’s and 5 until 300 kW on 48V for the SMA Sunny Island systems.