Soladin 600

The Soladin converter is made for smaller solar installations, consisting of just a few panels. The most important functionality of the Soladin is converting direct current, generated by the solar panels, into a standard 230 V/50 Hz electric power. The Soladin uses the electricity grid as an energy reservoir to which generated energy is sold back. In case the electricity provision is cut off, the Soladin 600 will automatically shut down.

The Soladin 600 converter is very compact and equipped with easily accessible 230 V and DC connections. Multi-contact connections have been included for the positive and negative connection of the PV array. The plug can be connected to a socket connection and makes the system ready to use. A clear LED indication gives information about the energy produced, the status of the system and the converter.

The Soladin 600 has a wide working area and this makes it possible to connect almost all systems up to 600 Wp. With a voltage frame of 45 to 125 V DC, configurations of 36, 54 as well as 72 cells can be connected to it. The current range from 0 to 8 A making the Soladin 600 suitable for the latest high power panels.

PV input power range 160-700 Wp
maximum DC voltage 155 V
Nominal rated current 8 A
String connections ?
Nominal output 525 W
Maximum output ?
Maximum efficiency 93%
Dimensions (hxwxd) 365x143x76 mm


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