SunMaster ES 4.6

Ease of use for both user and installer are key product features for Mastervolt. A clear graphic display with daily yield and a 30-day energy log provide the vital information you need about the operation of your PV system. The improved Optima Cooling system guarantees a cool and efficient operation of the inverter and low noise, while the IP65 electronics housing provides optimal protection against moisture and dust. This makes the SunMaster ES suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. For a fast and flexible connection, the SunMaster ES comes with a waterproof plug and an integrated DC switch for optimal safety. Mounting is easy thanks to the robust, integrated handles and a mounting bracket. Another highly practical feature is the communication cassette, which can easily be removed from the inverter.

The SunMaster ES is applicable with any type of solar panel, including the latest thin film technologies*. The high input voltage and extensive operating range simplify the system design and reduce losses, while the reliable RS485 interface allows the inverter to be combined with a wide range of monitoring products. The inverter is also equipped with an Ethernet connection for network integration.

  SunMaster ES4.6
PV input power range 4300-6500 Wp
Maximum DC voltage 1000 V
Nominal rated current 24 A
String connections 2
Nominal output 4600 W
Maximum output 4830 W
Maximum efficiency 97.5 %
Dimensions (hxwxd) 550x445x195 mm


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