Sunmaster XL 10-15

The Mastervolt XL series stores the daily energy production of your solar power system for reading on PC or laptop. Optional monitoring via Internet is possible so you can ensure that your system is functioning at all times.

A wide selection of warranty options is available for the Sunmaster XL series. Besides the standard warranty of 5 years, a warranty of 10 and 20 years is available, underlining our confidence in the product’s reliability; an indispensable quality of sustainable power systems.

The MPP trackers (99.9%) ensure a maximum output from the solar panels, even at low light conditions. Start-up only requires 5 to 10 W, the inverters will start working early in the morning until the end of the day. The active cooling provides full power output in temperatures up to 45 °C

  SunMaster XL10 SunMaster XL15
PV input power range 9 kWp - 13 kWp 14 kWp - 20 kWp
Maximum DC voltage 550 V 600 V
Nominal rated current 3 x 30 A 3 x 30 A
String connections 6 6
Nominal output 10.000 W 15.000 W
Maximum output 10.500 W 15.750 W
Maximum efficiency 96% 96%
Dimensions (hxwxd) 1200x580x480 mm 1200x580x480 mm


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