Sharp ND - Poly

  • High-performance photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline (156.5 mm)² silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of 14.9%.
  • 3 busbar technology for enhancing the power output.
  • Anti-reflex coating to increase light absorption.
  • Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5 %. Only modules will be delivered that have the specified power or more for high energy yield.
  • Delivery of modules in 5-watt intervals.
  • Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures.
  • High power performance even at lower irradiations.


Article no.   ND-R245A5 ND-250A5
Maximum power Pmax 245 Wp 250 Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 37,3 V 37,6 V
Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 30,7 V 30,9 V
Short circuit current Isc 8,62 A 8,68 A
Maximum power point current Impp 7,99 A 8,10 A


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