Wurth 75Wp

The CIS modules of Würth Solar consist of multilayered CIS (copper-indium-diselenide) solar cells that are connected in series. They absorb a wide spectrum of light energy and ensure maximum energy generation also under unfavorable weather conditions. Thanks to the great reliability and the long life of our CIS solar modules they are suitable for almost all fields of application and sizes of solar energy systems. The CIS solar modules are offered as standard and customer- specific versions. They distinguish themselves by their homogeneous surface and thus meet the highest requirements on esthetics and product design. The Sun Factory can supply the solar panels in every RAL colour.

Article no.   WS11007/75
Maximum power Pmax 75Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 44.5V
Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 35.0V
Short circuit current Isc 2.36A
Maximum power point current Impp 2.15A


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