Water Purification System

The  lack of safe drinking-water globally causes an estimated toll of 30.000 people daily; in the book “Water” by Marq de Villiers, he states that a child dies every 8 seconds from drinking contaminated water!
Available technology can be combined to develop an affordable, reliable, easy to install and maintain system that will provide the daily requirement for up to 350 people of clean, bacteria free drinking-water from natural resources in rural areas.
The key to success of this project lies in the combination of know-how of experts in Power Supplies, solar power and Ultra Violet desinfection systems, the choice of well proven, rugged equipment, and dedication of the team members to bring a lasting solution to the developing world.

The 80W solar panel will power, through the power unit and optional battery, a Ultra Violet low pressure lamp positioned in a reactor below a 100 liter water tank. Water can be filled manually at the top of the tank via bag filters(10/25 microns), or by using existing water pumps connected to the water tank.
Water will run by gravity through the UV unit, powered by the solar panel. In case of a failure of the UV-unit, a tamper proof valve will shut off water, thus preventing the use of unsafe water. All electrical/electronic parts are low voltage for safety reasons.
Based on an estimated use of 5 l/head/day the system should be able to satisfy the demand of approximately 350 people.
The battery (optional) will be used to supply water during some hours before sunrise and after sundown.

Local partners will take care of selection of sites, installation, maintenance, service and replacement of filters and UV lamps. All electronics are solid state, tropics resistant, low cost and easy to replace.

Article Naiade
Purification Capacity 3000 L / day
Capacity tank 100 Liter
Nominal power solar panel 80 W
UV lamp consumption 16 W
Battery Optional


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