TWF 1.6

  • Maintenance free
  • Aluminium generator body with special coating
  • The wind generator weighs only 17kg!
  • Permanent magnet generator 3-phase
  • Three curved blades of fiberglass reinforced Carbon
  • Safety system with electric brake switch
  • Second mechanical safety system by ‘chopper position’
  • Average lifetime for wind turbine is over 20 years
  • High performance/price ratio
  • Tower options: Free standing tube, lattice, guyed pole
  TWF 1.6
Grid connected Grid connected 230VAC
or Stand Alone 24-48VDC
Rotor diameter 1,60 m
Swept area 2,81 m²
Maximum power 0,6 kW
Rated wind speed 10,0 m/s
Cut in wind speed 3,0 m/s
Output at 10 m/s 0,60 kW
Rated RPM 0-900


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