1,5 kWp Solar - lodge - Madagascar

The Sun and Wind Factory supplied and installed a solar system for a hotel lodge near Diego, North of Madagascar. This eco lodge has basic (green) electricity for the rooms available. The battery bank has been well protected with a main switch on the DC side with integrated fuses. The 600 W wind turbine guarantees therefore enough charging capacity, even during night time, to keep the batteries in a good state of charge ensuring a long battery live. The Pure Sinewave inverter can give a double peak power for starting-up pumping equipment and fridgerators.

System Off grid
Capacity Wind n.a.
Capacity Solar 1500 Wp
Capacity Battery 400 Ah / 24 V
Inverter type 800 W
Construction Roof mounted
Diesel gen. set n.a.
Year of construction 2011
Client Hotel
Country / Region Madagascar / Diego