0,6 kW Hybrid - meteo pole - North Sea

The Sun Factory installed a hybrid energy system on an offshore platform to supply energy for a wind measuring device, used to analyze off-shore wind park feasibility. The system has been installed on a 60m tower in the North Sea around 25 miles from the Dutch coast. Due to the salty environment the wind turbine has been adapted to marine circumstances, as well as the solar panels have been treated with a special framing for long life assurance. After some years enough data has been collected to finalize the study and justified the installation of the first Dutch offshore Amalia windpark in 2007.

System Off-grid
Capacity Wind 400 W
Capacity Solar 200 Wp
Capacity Battery 200 Ah / 24 V
Inverter type n.a.
Construction Mounted on top of an offshore tower
Diesel gen. set n.a.
Year of construction 2003
Client Off-shore wind developer
Country / region The Netherlands / North Sea