0,5 kWp Solar - battery charging - Senegal

The Sun Factory supplied and installed for several local bank dependences in Senegal a solar system. This system charges the 24V battery bank to supply the AC power inverter for AC appliances used in the bank office. Besides two chargers for charging  4 units of 1,5V AA batteries each are connected. The small rechargeable batteries are used for radio’s, torches and other small equipment used by the local people. After using all the energy of the batteries, recharging at the bank office makes a pay-back time within 1 month possible. Saving money and reducing pollution by throwing away empty one-time-only batteries is stimulated by this program.

System Off-grid
Capacity Wind n.v.t.
Capacity Solar 500 Wp
Capacity Accu 400 Ah / 24 V Gel
Inverter type Mass Sine 1500 W
Construction Dak gemonteerd
Diesel generator set n.v.t.
Year of construction 2006
Client Agro Casa
Country / Region Senegal