5 x 10 kW Hybrid rural electrification - Madagascar

The Sun and Wind Factory Madagascar provided the complete electrification of two villages for Mad’Eole in Madagascar. This green field project for both villages with approx. 1500 inhabitants, gave them the possibility to buy and use electricity in their houses for lightning, charging phones, listening radio and watching television. Besides more productive use of energy for fish cooling and ice making has been used. Due to the excellent wind speed circumstances on site, the wind turbines provides enough energy to fulfill local demand. When the wind is letting down for a couple of days a diesel genset can charge the batteries to keep the deep cycle batteries in good state. In case of cyclones, which may pass in this area around summer, the wind turbines can be laid down on the ground by using cable winches.

System Off grid
Capacity Wind 5 x 10 kW
Capacity Solar n.a.
Capacity Battery 2 x 820 Ah / 240 V
Inverter type Ainelec 30kW Hybrid (inverter/charger)
Construction 18 m guyed tower
Diesel gen. set Three phase 22 kVA
Year of construction 2010
Client NGO Madagascar
Country / Region Madagascar / Diego