5 & 10 kW Hybrid - local utility - Madagascar

The Sun and Wind Factory Madagascar supplied and installed an electrification system for the village of Ivovona in Madagascar. Mad’Eole organized the complete grid system in the village. This is a site where fossil fuels are not allowed, therefore we designed a system with two wind turbines (5 and 10 kW) as well as a solar system. The electricity produced is mainly used for basic energy needs like lightning, charging phones, listening radio and watching television. The need to charge private car batteries far away from the village is not needed anymore, as this isolated grid system gives a better and cheaper option. Also expensive and risky petrol candles for lightning have been abandoned and replaced by economic lights for household use. The SMA AC-charging system of the 10 kW wind turbine is a very suitable solution for these kind of villages.

System off-grid
Capacity Wind 1 x 10 kW, 1 x 5 kW
Capacity Solar 1500 Wp
Capacity Battery 2500 Ah / 48 V
Inverter type SMA Sunny islands 2 x 5kW
Diesel gen. set n.a.
Construction 18m guyed tower
Year of construction 2011
Client Mad'eole, NGO
Country / region Madagascar, Diego