5 kW 3x Hybrid - local utility - Madagascar

The Sun and Wind Factory Madagascar supplied and installed for Mad’Eole in Madagascar 3 wind turbines of 5kW for village electrification. The TWF5.0 turbines are suitable on the 20m towers already on site and provide enough energy for the village energy consumption. The charging system is operating via Alternative Current, making cable losses less than Direct Current charging. Also the consumption pattern is almost completely based on AC appliances, which does not need extra conversion of power: direct power from the wind turbine inverter to the grid.

System Off grid
Capacity Wind 3 x 5kW
Capacity Solar n.a.
Capacity Battery 1500 Ah / 48 V
Inverter type SMA 15 kW (inverter/charger)
Construction 20 m guyed tower
Diesel gen. set 6 kVA
Year of construction 2010
Client NGO Madagascar
Country / Region Madagascar