3 Hybrid systems of 10 kW - Kenya

The Wind Factory supplied and installed in conjunction with our local partner Electrical Distributors Ltd Nairobi, three wind-solar hybrid system for one of the major Telecom providers at several remote sites in Northern Kenya. As the electricity grid is very limited in the country and due to the remote locations of the GSM towers with receivers and transmitters, an off-grid system is required. The costs of diesel fuel and the logistical costs to get the fuel on the site have been reduced by installation of the hybrid system.


The system consists of a 10kW wind turbine, solar panels and a diesel generator for 48V battery charging purposes for the permanent DC load of around 2,5kW applicable for Telecom equipment. All charging equipment, controllers and regulators have been placed in an isolated and temperature controlled shed. Extra AC power has been made available as well for general and specific maintenance jobs to be performed with standard electrical equipment. Installation on remote sites like these are real challenges dealing with safety and transport. Therefore a remote control system gives a direct view on the status of the batteries and installed power equipment.

System Off-grid
Capacity Wind 3 x 10kW
Capacity Solar 3 x 2,5kWp
Capacity Battery 2500 Ah / 48 V
Inverter type SMA Sunny Islands 5048 (inverter/charger)
Construction Lattice tower, single axle trackers
Diesel gen. set Single phase 13kVA
Year of construction 2009
Client GSM provider
Country / region Kenya (Northern part)