Naiade water purification system - Tanzania

The Sun Factory is distributor of the water purification unit, named Naiade. Water is poured in a container at the top of the Naiade unit. The water passes a filter (washable bags). It flows through a valve in which UV light deactivates pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa and worm eggs). Thereafter, drinking-water for human consumption is available from the tap. A solar panel produces the required energy. The Naiade unit has a process capacity of approximately 3000 litres of water per day. Water can be obtained from canals, rivers, lakes or tapped from piped-networks. The unit is stand-alone, requires no maintenance other than washing the filters and keeping the system, including its PV solar panels, clean. The UV lamp needs to be replaced after approximately 10.000 hours of operation.

System Off-grid
Capacity Wind n.a.
Capacity Solar 80 W
Capacity Battery 100 Ah / 12 V
Inverter type n.a.
Construction Stand alone unit
Diesel gen. set n.a.
Year of construction 2006
Client Local Ministry
Country / region Tanzania