Water pumping system - Senegal

The Sun Factory installed over thirty DC water pumping systems with Lorentz submersible pumps in several rural villages in Senegal for primary watersupply. A solar system of 1000 Wp provides the energy for the direct solar pump, without making use of batteries. When solar irradiation is enough, the pump automatically starts filling the water reservoir on altitude. The vertical lift is around 50 m, providing around 20 m3 water per day. Every single pumping system has been evaluated beforehand to achieve an optimized pumping system.

System Off grid
Capacity Wind n.a.
Capacity Solar 1000 Wp
Capacity Battery n.a.
Inverter type n.a.
Construction Free standing construction
Diesel gen. set n.a.
Year of construction 2006-2008
Client Rural villages
Country / Region Senegal