13,9 kWp Farm - The Netherlands

The Sun Factory placed 75 solar panels, with a peak performance of 13.9 kWp, at the barn of a farmer in The Netherlands. With an average of 850 hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, the system generates approximately 11,800 kWh.

Construction corrugated roof - tile profile

Aluminum anchor profiles are screwed on an aluminum frame and the frame is mounted on the purlins with bolt sticks to prevent leakage. The modules move freely in the anchor profiles, so there is no mechanical load on the corrugated roof.

Inverters and cabling

Next to the 75 solar panels The Sun Factory installed a Mastervolt inverter in the attic. This inverter is equipped with all protections that apply to solar energy installations. The cabling is finished in a cable duct and the group box has been modified with an extra meter board.

System Sloped roof, grid connected
Capacity 13,9 kWp
Application Barn
Year of construction 2011
Client Farmer
Country / Region The Netherlands / Friesland