75 Wp College - The Netherlands

In 2010 The Groenhorstcollege commissioned The Sun Factory for 280 solar panels on the roof of the school and 32 solar panels on the barn. A very successful project for the sustainability of the school and the students' knowledge.

The Groenhorstcollege in Almere The Netherlands is a young and ambitious organization, with programs in areas such as the animal, green, flower, art and food.

green power

The Groenhorstcollege opted for true sustainability with Wurth 75 Wp solar panels. The solar panels will annually save 11,372 kilo of CO2 compared to 'normal' energy. The panels generate 23.4 kWh of green electricity. This is the same as the average annual power consumption of six Dutch households.

Solar energy at the school

The roof of the Groenhorstcollege is ideal for solar panels, because there is a large roof available with an ideal location in relation to the sun. Another advantage of the solar system on the roof of the Groenhorstcollege it the educational motive, solar energy at the school is an excellent way to integrate techniques and energy issues in the classes.

System grid connected
Capacity 75 Wp
Application School and barn
Year of construction 2010
Client Het Groenhorstcollege
Country / region The Netherlands / Almere