15 kWp Monumental building - The Netherlands

The Sun Factory installed for Project Doorzon 87 solar panels on the former Technical College Wilhelmina State, in which 24 apartments have been made. Doorzon manages the installation of 87 solar panels, calculated at 12,500 kWh.

Solid storm construction

The installation is arranged on the flat roof of the building. The panels are divided over 3 inverters. To assure a solid construction on the flat roof, we have mounted the panels on an aluminum frame, which is weighted extra ballast. Due to the monument status of the building it was not possible to supply energy directly to the participants (no external piping, panels not visible from ground). With an association for the participants is provided in disbursement of the incomes to the participants and the distribution of costs such as technical management, depreciation and accountability.

Key Facts

  • Subsidy program for solar systems of 14,9kW
  • Delivery to association
  • Average use association: 15.000 kWh /yr (day/night 7000/8000)
  • Estimated production solar system: 12.500 kWh / yr (day)
  • Netting up to max. 5000 kWh (and never more than demand!)
System Flat roof, grid connected
Capacity 14,7 kWp
Application Monumental building
Year of construction 2010
Client Doorzon
Country / Region The Netherlands / Leeuwarden