242 kWp 200 properties - The Netherlands

At 11 November 2010, the Sustainability Day, The Sun Factory started installing PV Solar systems at nine flats in Nijmegen. All generated 'solar power' of the system will benefit the residents of the more than 200 homes. The residents pay a small rent increase and immediately benefit from lower energy bills, resulting in a saving of 120 Euro’s per year.

200 PV systems

Divided into nine complexes of Digitalis in Nijmegen we have installed more than 200 PV systems. Each house has 8 panels with a capacity of 151 Wp. This adds up to 1208 Wp. This gives the residents a saving of approximately 1000 kWh / year. With the current energy price of € 0.23 it is a saving of € 250 per year.

Aluminium construction

To attach the panels properly on the (flat) roof we have constructed the PV systems at aluminum frames and weighted with ballast. In addition, the frames are mutually coupled to make the construction even more solid for severe weather conditions.

"We do something good for the environment, while the residents profit from it. That’s where we do it for" said Jacques Steegmans branch head of Talis. Solar energy is sustainable and helps to reduce climate change. Besides, it reduces energy expenses of the inhabitants.

System flat roof, grid connected
Capacity 242 kWp
Application 200 properties
Client Nuon
Year of construction 2011
Location Nijmegen, The Netherlands