530 kWp 400 properties - The Netherlands

Green, sustainable and child-friendly, that is the Columbus district in Almere. The Sun Factory equipped over 400 homes with solar panels in this neighborhood. The residences at the Columbus district are also called ‘solar homes'. These are homes with integrated PV panels, energy efficient and built with sustainable materials.

CO2-neutral houses

An eye-catcher is realized at the entrance of the neighborhood: a CO2-neutral House or a zero energy home, which symbolizes the sustainable neighborhood and a solar friendly image. The CO2-neutral home is completely self supporting with regard to energy. In addition to the newest techniques various architectural PV integrated applications are shown here.

Energy production 900kWh/year

Most homes in the Columbus headquarters are equipped with 14 panels, with a capacity of 1000 Wp. Under ideal conditions the annual production is approx. 900kWh, which leads to a saving of energy costs of € 200 per year.

This project is realized in cooperation with The Sun Factory, Nuon, The Wonder VOF, Han van Zwieten Architects, the VOF Fifth City, Bouwfonds MAB Development en Almere city.

System Sloped roof, grid-connected
Capacity 530 kWp
Application 400 properties
Client Municipality Almere
Year of construction 2010
Location Almere, The Netherlands