75 Wp Klokhuis - The Netherlands

A television program for youth ‘Klokhuis’ built a house in 2010 in Almere, which is designed by children. The program got help from socially committed sponsors, among which two energy companies. The Sun Factory supplied and installed solar panels at the house.

18 panels 75Wp

The Sun Factory placed 18 panels of 75Wp on the house. These panels provide an average annual yield of approximately 1100 kWh/year.

After the house was completed, it has been transferred to the foundation Casla, which promotes architecture in Almere. The foundation opened the house for children under the name ‘Childrencasla’. 'Play and Learn' is the ultimate goal of the house, especially in the field of architecture and sustainability.

System grid-connected
Capacity 75Wp
Application 1 property
Year of construction 2010
Client Nuon
Country / region The Netherlands / Almere