5,8 kW The Netherlands

The Wind Factory engineered and constructed a TWF 5.0 wind turbine on a roof of a new Multifunctional Sport centre in Amsterdam. The steel construction of the building has been adapted with four supports to fit the wind turbine on, for which a special frame was designed. This frame including wind turbine have been pre-mounted on the ground and been installed by a crane directly on the supports. As the roof of the building is already 10m high, the tower adds another 9m to come to almost 20m hub height. The grid connected turbine with a rotor of 5m gives a very high exposure and contributes to the reduction of energy supplied by the grid.

System grid-connected
Capacity 5,8 kW
Construction 12 m tube tower on roof
Year of construction 2011
Client Sportcentre
Country / Region The Netherlands, Amsterdam