6 x 80 kW The Netherlands

The Wind Factory installed TWF15 (80kW) wind turbines for a number of farmers in the Northern part of The Netherlands. The farmers minimize their electricity consumption from the central grid by producing and consuming their own electricity. The excess electricity is fed into the central grid after the kWh-counter, the so called net-metering.
Due to local regulations a maximum hub height of 15 m and a rotor diameter of 15 m is obliged. The Wind Factory adjusted the specs of the TWF15 accordingly. This custom-made solution created the maximum energy output at their locations.
The annual production, depending on the location, can vary between 60.000 and 130.000 kWh.

System grid-connected
Capacity 5 x 80kW
Construction 15m tube tower
Year of construction 2008 and 2009
Client Agribusiness
Country / region Netherlands / Groningen