The Sun Factory and The Wind Factory have joined a number of organisations affiliated with the aim of encouraging the use of renewable energy worldwide, and further development of solar- and wind energy systems.

The Alliance for Rural Electrification is a vital  global network of innovative and dedicated professionals, promoting and providing technological and financial solutions for rural electrification. The ultimate aim is the development of self sustained markets for renewable energies worldwide.  Green light for renewable energies in developing countries!
The African Wind Energy Association (AfriWEA) aims to encourage manufacturers, developers, governments, renewable energy owners and individuals to promote and support wind energy development on the African continent.
The Nederlandse Wind Energie Associatie (Netherlands Wind Energy Association) is the Dutch voice of the wind industry. It is actively promoting the utilization of wind power in the Netherlands, on land and offshore. Among the members of NWEA are developers of windparks, owners of wind turbines, manufacturers, constructors, research institutes, electrcity providers, consultants and maintenance companies. The activities of NWEA are aimed mainly at the national government.
Holland Solar is the trade association for solar energy in the Netherlands and is committed to a sustainable world by promoting solar energy. The association provides information about solar power and aim to positively influence the national government and local authorities when it comes to policy and regulation of solar energy.
Since 2006 The Sun Factory is one of the main sponsor of the Frisian Solar Challenge. The participants of the race challenge universities, schools and companies from all over the world come to Friesland in the Netherlands and compete in the most innovative solar-boating race in the world. Over a distance of 220 km, the race is the same as the well known ice-skating race passing the 11 Frisian cities, the ‘Elfstedentocht’.