Technical support

A solar- or wind system is a long term investment requiring professional service and maintenance to assure a long life and maximum energy production. We can offer different types of maintenance contracts and specialized services.

The team
The total service & maintenance team exists of around 40 people including engineers, autoCAD designers and technicians. We have local specialists, who have also been trained in The Netherlands, to perform professional service. 

Online monitoring
By using a remote monitoring and control system, we can on-line monitor and control the solar- or wind system, which makes direct intervention possible and is often sufficient to solve immediate problems in order to maximize availability. At large grid-connected solar system camera’s will be placed to prevent theft and vandalism. Not only systems delivered by The Sun and Wind Factory can be maintained, but also systems by other suppliers can be safeguarded.

20 Years of experience
As a Group of companies we have over 350 wind turbines under maintenance contract ranging from 1 kW untill 1 MW (e.g. TWF, Lagerwey, WES, DirectWind, Vestas, Bonus, etc.). Regarding Solar we maintain several Solar parcs and multiple Solar projects (we are official service partner for BP Solar and utility company Nuon in The Netherlands).